Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Skagen Watches

The Skagen brand was established in 1989 by the husband and wife team Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, and they named their company after a village in Denmark. Much of the design inspiration for Skagen watches comes from the look and ambience inspired by the beach town of Skagen. As the package states, “The Skagen Denmark Collections reflect creative Danish spirit with clean, elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection. The small seaside village of Skagen, Denmark, and its natural purity and beauty, continues to be the inspiration for all Skagen Denmark products.”

The Jorsts wanted to start a watch company that would fill a hole missing in the competitive industry. This hole seemed to be affordable luxury watches with a simple take on design. It appears that the couple's dream has become a reality. Despite the fact that it is a relatively new brand, Skagen timepieces have made a name for themselves by creating watches that have a sleek, minimalist, modern, and simple style while still being affordable for the average person. Part of Skagen's design philosophy is that gorgeous, quality timepieces do not have to be overly-expensive. Because the Jorsts hail from Denmark, the timepieces are considered Danish. The watches themselves are made with patented Swiss movements and Skagen uses the same quality materials as much more expensive European watches. This emphasis on quality materials ensures that the watches are just as accurate as their more expensive counterparts.

While the overall design of this particular brand of watches is in essence simple, the actual abilities of the watches are far from modest. Some models have as many as three smaller dials superimposed on the main face. There are also chronograph models with two counter dials and a small second hand.  If you like the look of this brand, but want something a bit more dazzling, the brand also offers timepieces that come in many styles with differently shaped watch faces, colored dials, and even a variety of different materials to make sure that your timepiece says all that you want it to and more.

Skagen timepieces are designed to go from night to day. You should be able to wear a Skagen watch in a professional work setting or to a night out on the town with your friends. Any Skagen watch you decide to purchase will bring an air of elegance and minimalistic refinement to any wardrobe. Looking at a Skagen timepiece is like taking a breath of fresh air. The design is sleek and what you see is what you get. When the rest of the watch world is covered in beautiful metals, flashy stones, and complicated designs, it is nice to see a break from the pack of the luxury watches.  With its uncluttered design, Skagens are timeless and classic. There are also comfortable to wear as they are light as a feather due to their simple, classic design.

The next time that you are looking to invest in a classic timepiece consider the Skagen brand for a classic and simple approach to the beautiful art that is watch-making. Plus, it does not hurt that this brand of watches won’t break the bank.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means...gifts. This can be a stressful endeavor for some - "What do I get?" - "Where do I get it?"- "Do I have to spend a lot of money?". Fortunately, we've got your back with these kinds of issues, and we're happy to announce our Valentine's Day Shopping Guide is here at last!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, a large number of shoppers will be flocking to our storefront in search of the perfect gifts for that special someone, as well as affordable products and an enjoyable shopping experience. With our shopping guide, a team of our editors have hand-picked products from all categories and styles to make the ideal shopping guide for Valentine's Day Gifts for every shopper.

Our editor's also made sure to include in the shopping guide all of this season's current trending fashion trends so that all products in the guide are guaranteed to be in style and up to date. In addition to shopping and style guides, we also plan on advertising a Free Express shipping coupon for Valentine's Day to ensure all shoppers get their special gifts in time.

Don't wait on this one - Act Now!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Trends

We hope you had a good holiday - we sure did! With the New Year almost here, we wanted to fill everybody in on some of the winter fashion trends we've observed.

Recently we noticed a significant spike in popularity in gold watches. This is true for both men's and women's timepieces, and varies greatly in brand, style, and type. Men's gold watches are favored in brands like Invicta, Michael Kors, and Nixon, while women's gold watches, including both yellow gold and rose gold finishes, are popular in Anne Klein, Michael Kors, and Fossil.

With spring coming up, we have also observed an upswing in popularity with the designer sunglasses we carry, with some notable trends in that category. This observed trend shows increased favoritism in tortoiseshell frames, which encompasses many brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, and Under Armour. More luxury-oriented brands are growing in popularity as well, including Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Additionally, women's boots have grown in popularity throughout the winter months. Brands like Bearpaw, Vince Camuto, and Steve Madden offer a variety of different styles and fits that have proven to be customer favorites during the coldest time of year.

As our name implies, we're also delighted to bring our customers the latest product trends on our website, and we're eager to see the new and emerging trends in the coming months. We hope you are too. :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Delivery Deadlines

We hope everybody had a great Black Friday/Cyber Monday - we sure did!

With Christmas quickly approaching, we know the question on shoppers' minds moves away from "Is this the best deal?" to "Will I receive it in time?". Luckily, when buying from us, you can get both!

Up until 12/19 at 5pm EST you'll still be able to choose free standard shipping at checkout and expect to receive your packages in time for Christmas. From there, you can choose Express Shipping by 2pm EST on 12/20 and receive your order by Christmas. Two-Day shipping will be guaranteed if purchased no later than 5pm EST on 12/22, and Overnight shipping will be guaranteed no later than 12/23 by 5pm EST. We also plan on releasing free two day and free overnight shipping coupons once the shipping deadlines get nearer, which should help you get all of your gifts on time, and save money doing it!

In addition to shipping, we also plan on running four unique sales events each week throughout the remainder of the Holiday Shopping Season, each highlighting either a specific brand, style, or attribute. These sales events will encompass discounted watches, designer sunglasses, handbags, and even combinations of each!

The Holiday Season is supposed to be an enjoyable time of year, so let us help you take some of the stress out of it. This year, you'll know you'll be getting your packages right on time, so you can focus on the things that matter.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sneak Peek: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Holiday Shopping Season is in full swing, and we know many of you are already counting down the days until Black Friday and Cyber Monday (we sure are). We wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the promotions and sales we have lined up for this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

On both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we will be advertising free gift cards with purchase. The amount of the gift card will be dependent on the purchase total, and gift card codes will be emailed to customers after placing an order. For example, if a $50 order is placed, a $10 gift card will be sent out. If a $100 order is placed, a $20 gift card will be emailed, etc.

Additionally, we're planning on distributing free express shipping and free two-day shipping coupons on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, respectively. That way, customers who place orders on either day can ship with confidence not only because they are sure to receive a great deal on the products they purchase, but also with an added guarantee that the products will be delivered well in time before Christmas.

We also intend on featuring six exclusive sales events that are only available on the day of promotion. These six flash sales will be refreshed on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday, so each day will feature products and sales that are different from the others. Furthermore, all products on our storefront will be listed at up to 90% off, and the website will feature a brand-new selection of gift bundles to choose from.

Be sure to stop by on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday - You won't want to miss this...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amazon Payments Now Accepted

Attention all Trendsetters - AreaTrend now accepts Amazon Payments at checkout!

Quickly becoming one of the most popular online payment options available, Amazon Payments will allow AreaTrend customers to purchase their favorite fashion accessories on our website with an added sense of security and ease.

Paying with Amazon Payments comes with numerous advantages and benefits, and many users already prefer it as their primary source of payment. On top of being free to use, Amazon handles all payment information internally and confidentially, so customers don't even have to provide their credit card information during checkout. Additionally, multiple accounts can be used to fund a single Amazon account, offering a more convenient and resilient payment method when shopping online.

Have an Amazon gift card but want to place an order on our website? Good news - now that we accept Amazon payments, you can apply your gift cards to your Amazon account and place an order on our website using that balance!

We're confident that this increased flexibility in our checkout process will be well-received by all of our customers and it will make shopping on our website an even more enjoyable experience.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our New Website is Live!

This just in - we've launched a brand-new website, and it's awesome!

Our online storefront has historically been a fan-favorite in terms of user experience, ease of use, and front-end technology. However, we wanted to take this a step further to provide our customers with the most positive shopping experience possible. Our new website is a completely modern enhancement of all of the features that have made us successful in the past, as well as novel additions to improve functionality site-wide.

One of the most notable changes to our website is its back-end structure. The new website has a completely responsive design and automatically adjusts its layout to suit whichever screen size or resolution it is being viewed on. This makes it so there is no need for a separate mobile site, and the website's layout is optimized regardless of whether it is being viewed on desktop, mobile, tablet, or anything in between.

We have also entirely revamped our website's navigation, user accounts page, customer service FAQ's, and shopping cart/checkout pages. These are just a few of the many changes to our online storefront and we're confident that our customers will have an even more enjoyable shopping experience than ever before. With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, we're positive our loyal customers will thoroughly enjoy the updated shopping platform and find everything they are looking for (and more!).

Happy Shopping,